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Script Manager

Joseph Pelrine wrote to the Squeak Mailing list about the Script Manager:

The original ScriptManager is one of the examples published in "Mastering
ENVY/Developer". I put it together as a way to store a lot of code snippets
or workspaces that I used in my work. In the ENVY version, the individual
scripts are stored as user fields on an ENVY User, similar to application
attachments (for those of you who know what I'm talking about). This allows
you to access them from any workstation connected to the repository. When I
started working on the StableSqueak project, I whipped one up for myself in
Squeak. I quite honestly didn't give a dError: this should not happen which Morphs I used; I had (and
have) more important problems to solve (in any case, the UI has been redone
using the StSq framework, and runs both in Morphic and MVC FWIW). The code
happened to be in an image I sent John and Paul, and they happened to find
it useful.

All the ScriptManager does is let you store code snippets (or workspaces)
by name in folders. You can also execute the code in the script by
swipe-and-doIt. You can name scripts and folders any way you like - the
list box just sorts them alphabetically. If the screen shot of Goran's page
happened to have numbers in it, well that's because John named his scripts
and folders with numbers and characters.

The ScriptManager has some added functionality to allow me to "tear off" a
script into a separate workspace, "bring in" workspaces, do the same to and
from files, and to dump and load a whole script dictionary to a named file.
You can easily have multiple script managers open on multiple script