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HttpView2 is a lightweight web framework based on KomHttpServer. I use it for a few different applications (like SqueakMap for example) but I haven't bothered to "polish" it much. I just let it evolve from the needs of my projects! :)

HttpView differs a bit from "classic" such frameworks:

Noteworthy things:

Getting started with HttpView2 in Squeak 3.7

The following step-by-step was performed using Squeak3.7-5989-basic in a Linux box.

  1. Download and fire up Squeak 3.7, save under a new image name using "save as...".
  2. Open package loader (left click on desktop, choose "open..."->"SqueakMap Package Loader").
  3. Select "upgrade all installed packages" (right click in package list to get menu). This should upgrade a few things, answer yes about installing Monticello.
  4. Install in order: DynamicBindings, KomServices, KomHttpServer, HTMLBuilder and HttpView2.
  5. Save the image. :)

Now, fire up HelloWorld - read class comment of HVHelloWorld. All samples can be started/stopped on port 8080 by simple sending "startDebug" or "stop" to the class. You can also stop any running sample by sending "stopAll" to any sample class.

Good luck!



HttpView is free software (licensed under Squeak-L or MIT). Development is done sofar mainly by me, but if you have anything, just email me or post on the squeak-dev mailinglist which I follow.