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SqCVS is a Squeak only implementation of the CVS protocol, sometimes referred to as the pserver protocol (even though it is the same protocol regardless of transport).

For latest releases, see SqCVS on SqueakMap

Older releases

2003-05-09 Version 0.51:
Duh, missed a method in String...

2003-05-09 Version 0.5:
Filed SqCVS into a brand spanking new Squeak 3.6alpha.
Converted it do DVS. Just one single loose method on String.

Uses Comanche from SM as a prerequisite since it currently is based on Comanche flavour SocketStream.

New class CVSRemoteFile added which is a dead simple API for managing a single file in CVS. Some pathbugs were fixed too.

Version 0.4 can be found on SourceForge.