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Compressed Scrum approach

At MSC (where some of us work, including Göran Krampe) we are now pushing Gjallar more and more:

The branding approach (different name and logo) is mainly to separate our commercial offering from the open source project. All coding is done within the Gjallar project.

We are trying out a "compressed Scrum" approach for our Gjallar/IssueBox efforts here at MSC. Instead of a normal 4-5 weeks sprint we are running one week sprints. This is because the MSC team composition is highly voilatile and the people that can work in the sprint is usually only available one week at a time ... at best.

For the moment the concrete effect of this is that we have a Backlog that we are working with! :)
This is our Definition of Done.

We will also revive the "Gjallar for Gjallar" instance, typically right after the Gangleri release 0.4, to deal with the Backlog.