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Bug: Recursive creation of suspended processes

Error Reported By: Keith
When performing Q2Gjallar-#ultraCleanImage

Having perfomed a MagmaSession cleanUp there are no connected magma sessions to reify proxies.

Therefore the MagmaMutatingProxy instances fall foul of SystemNavigation-obsoleteBahaviors which attempts to send #isBehavior to every object in the system.

The result is that MagmaMutatingProxy-doesNotUnderstand: fails to reify the object, retries and then signal's the error. The error being a MessageNotUnderstood on a MagmaMutatingProxy.


Option 1. fix SystemNavigation-obsoleteBahaviors (easy)
Option 2. fix MagmaMutatingProxy-doesNotUnderstand: (email sent to magma mailing list)