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Beach 2007

During may+june 2007 we are putting in an "extra push" to make Gjallar reach a good useful release 0.5. Toolkit Software is sponsoring this push with some money and a selected team will try its best to "wrap things up" during this period so that we can all enjoy the beach in the summer. :)

All the work is done openly on the mailinglist, this swiki and on IRC.

Below is the original task list when we started the project. Now all the entries below are added and handled in!


The tasks are grouped in 3 priorities:

The tasks below are Must have for release 0.5:


Estimate: 5 days (2 days DONE, working on it)

Case linking

Estimate: 2 days

Testing day

Estimate: 2 days

Performance, take one

Estimate: 1 day

Fixing known bugs

Estimate: 1 day

Offline operation, take one

Estimate: 2 days


The following tasks are really good to have and are the ones we focus on if/when the above tasks are done:

Simple statistics

Estimate: 2 days

Qlog migration

This is migration code for the old system at Micronic and can only be done by Göran Krampe.
Estimate: 5 days

Administration of Processes

Estimate: 13 days

User interface details

Estimate: 2 days

Improved forms

Estimate: 4 days

Knonw bugs

Estimate: 1 day

Improved reports

Estimate: 2 days

Offline operation, take two

Estimate: 8 days

Help and documentation

Estimate: 2 days (can be done by anyone!)

Performance, take two

Estimate: 3 days


This is the rest based mainly on missing functionality described in the original requirements and design specification.

Aliases and roles

This turns out to be a complicated area, see Thoughts about aliases and Roles.

Case lists

Estimate: 3 days

Sub forms

Estimate: 4 days

Moving cases

History view

Print view

Create persons

Category UIs

Add note

Case history weaving

User groups

...not sure what to use them for.