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Mercurial repository

The Gjallar file tree is now hosted in a Mercurial repository at

1. Start by installing Mercurial for your platform. If you happen to be on a Debian-derived OS, it is a probably a simple:

  apt-get install mercurial as root.

2. After that you can check out a so called "clone" (a fully functional local copy of the repository) of the file tree by running:

  hg clone

Using this repository you can commit local changesets etc, but in order to push these changesets up to you need write access, see below.
Note though that we use Monticello for the actual Squeak code! Mercurial is only used for the external file tree and thus most developers never need to actually use/learn Mercurial.

In order to gain write access to our Monticello repository you need to ask Göran Krampe for a password, by for example posting to the Mailinglist.

Write access

And if you are a trusted developer you simply need to generate a key pair (unless you already have it) using:
ssh-keygen -b 1024 -t dsa

...which creates file, and then you email it to Göran Krampe so that he can add it to the server.
Also make sure you edit (or add the file if missing) ~/.hgrc (on Win32 the equivalent is Mercurial.ini in your home directory) with your username like:

username = Joe Schmoe <>
ssh = ssh -C

The last line enables compression for SSH.

After that you can check it out over ssh using:
hg clone ssh://

...or just use the clone you checked out earlier, no need to create another one, and push changesets using ssh.