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The text indexer used in Gjallar right now is Swish-e. Generally it:
It also has some downsides like not (yet) supporting multibyte characters like utf8 and being a bit awkward when it comes to changing/deleting documents or in other words incremental updates.

Some interesting links:

Gjallar interfaces with Swish-e using OSProcess/CommandShell on Unix/Linux and using some bat-files on Win32. Swish-e is used in unmodified form. Ideally we could later use FFI or a plugin and go straight for the C api since this API is available to use even though Swish-e is under GPL (addendum to the license).

We might also want to look into other suitable alternatives where I believe Xapian to be the main contender, especially since developers of Swish3 (Swish-e version 3) are pointing at it as the "wheel" they don't see the point of reinventing.

Note: Currently we do not use the aggregator nor any of the filters of Swish-e (but filters may be interesting to look into in order to index attachments too).