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developer meeting

The first developer meeting will be held in conjunction with the breakfast seminar the 15th of March (2007) beginning at 12.00 and continuing through the day.

If you can not attend physically (which we suspect only us at Toolkit plus hopefully Herbert König can do) - do consider joining us on the IRC #squeak channel at




We joined up on IRC, created channel #gjallar on and we were 4 at Toolkit and 3-4 more on IRC. Some chatting, status checking etc. A bit hard to collaborate like that - but at least it was something.

Jonas Lindskog first wanted to try test coverage but the new tools for that available for Squeak require Squeak 3.9 and doing that move is a bit more work. :) So Jonas instead moved to looking at sspec and how we could improve and spice up our unit tests and perhaps learn something new in the process.

Magnus (and Jonas) started defining a Gjallar process for running a Scrum project. They bounced around different approaches and Magnus coded up a first shot at a definition.

Thierry upgraded to latest snapshot and played with his own Gjallar process that he is constructing for the tool that his company is working on.

And I myself answered questions :) and started putting Gjallar onto our new server at Hetzner. It will be available at and - two separate installations.

Well, that is what I know went on. :)