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Static content loading takes a lots of time in Firefox

The figure below shows the load times in firefox. The first one is the html response, all the others are static css, javascript, image downloads.

We checked the traffic with ethereal, and found that firefox does not really send requests to the server to download those artifacts.

Uploaded Image:request.PNG

for comparsion, here is the figure of reloading this page:

Uploaded Image:swiki-page-reload.PNG

Note 1. In a Seaside page load those requests happen sequential.
Note 2. They are not marked as cached (lightgray means cached).


Balázs 2006-12-23 20:16: We made a hack to speed up css and javascript loading a bit. This code (installed in the running instance) concatenates all the css (and javascript) together into a file, so it only takes one request to get it, and firefox has to parse only one file. But the main problem is the amount of css (13kB) and javascript (252kB)(!) it has to parse on every request.