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Porting Gjallar to Linux

Note: The code for the Linux port below is now included in the latest MC snapshots and will be included in the upcoming 0.4 release.


We started to port Gjallar to Linux, and along the way we made some refactorings. Soon we will upload some changesets, and create a walkthrough of what we have done. The reason why we need a port are the external programs, which gjallar uses:
  1. Swish-e: we have a working version.
  2. Graphviz: we have a working version.
  3. wget: we have no clue where to look.
    1. wget is available on Linux. And IIRC this is only used for the offline mechanism, so you can most probably ignore it for now and I can fix it.
  4. zip: we have found references in the code, not started yet.
    1. I think this is also only used for the offline mechanism. So ignore it.

Levente & Balázs


We factored out the workflow graph drawing code into some new classes in a new category: Q2-Visualization, and made a small change to OSProcessGraphVizGenerator to overwrite the output file.



We also factored out the code for the indexing service into a new category: Q2-Utilities-SwishE. The linux version uses OSProcess and PipedOSProcess (CommandShell), the win32 version uses batch files and Win32Shell. The windows version is pretty slow compared to the linux version, so we started to write a plugin for external process execution under windows with pipes and async i/o.

Göran Krampe: Wow!



  1. Install unzip, graphviz and swish-e.
  2. Download this file: and run it.

Installer squeakmap install: 'Folktale'.

(Installer repository: '') install: 'Q2v0.3'.
Installer installUrl: ''.
Installer installUrl: ''.
Installer squeakmap
install: 'OSProcess';
install: 'CommandShell'.