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Bug: MessageNotUnderstood: MagmaCollection status. In view cases

It's just for me? The problem is in Q2FreeTextFilter #filter:processes: . It sends asOrderedCollection to MagmaCollection. MagmaCollection has no asOrderedCollection method, so Object's get used, which wraps the MagmaCollection into an OrderedCollection. The code relying on this expects a collection with cases.


After uptating to 188 I have the same error if I want to view the cases. I have running the sample db plus own user and cases.
Here the first two stack entrys:
MessageNotUnderstood: MagmaCollection>>status

MagmaCollection(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #status

self a MagmaCollection
aMessage status
inst vars
session a MagmaSession [3]
changes a MagmaCollectionChanges
indexes an OrderedCollection(a MaAsciiStringIndex status a MaUUIDIndex id a MaAsciiStringIndex name)

[] in Q2FieldReportColumn(WAReportColumn)>>selector: {[:row | row perform: aSymbol]}

self a Q2FieldReportColumn
aSymbol #status
row a MagmaCollection
inst vars
clickBlock nil
formatBlock [] in Q2FieldReportColumn>>initialize {[:x | (field formatValueFrom: x) truncateWithElipsisTo: sma...etc...
hasTotal false
title 'Status'
sortBlock [] in Q2FieldReportColumn>>initialize {[:a :b | field is: a lessThanOrEqualTo: b]}
valueBlock [] in Q2FieldReportColumn(WAReportColumn)>>selector: {[:row | row perform: aSymbol]}
id #status
batchedList nil
canFilter nil
field Q2TextField[]
smallSize 100