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Morphic Consoles

We are in the middle of the nth rewrite of our tool for managing the model. Work in progress. Documentation needed. A screenshot:
Uploaded Image:modeleditor.png

Here is an installer script to load it into a Gjallar image.

(Installer repository: '')
project: 'AXAnnouncements';
install: 'AXAnnouncements'.
(Installer repository: '')
project: 'shout';
install: 'ShoutWorkspace'.
(Installer repository: '')
install: 'Mondrian';
install: 'Costume'.
installUrl: '';
installUrl: ''

If you load it successfully, you can start it with: Q2ModelEditor open. Be careful! We played with it, it's in pre-alpha stage.


With this tool you can create and commit Q2ModifyGlobalDefinitionTxns.
The commands you issue here are only visible in your session (this is the session of the image). You can commit or abort it.

Basic usage

There are three panes and two buttons. You can write code in the bottom left pane. When you hit alt-s, your code will be executed in the model's context, and will be listed in the top left pane. The right panel contains a view of the model (incomplete). You can open the nodes with double click, or you can use their context menus (incomplete) to show just specific subnodes or to generate snippets into the code pane. You can remove a command if you open the Commands node in the top left panel, and use the subnodes' context menu. This aborts the transaction and replays all the remaining commands (Therefore this feature is only safe in "single user mode").


I'm currently doing a Morphic console to create processes with workflows.

First version of the morphic UI to create processes is attached.
The UI is functioning, there is a class comment in the Documentation class to get you going.
It does not yet connect to Gjallar but it is enough to find out what you wish different or additionally.
Added auto layout for transition names.



Hi Herbert!

You could take a look on the GraphVizCostume class. You can use it to generate morphic graphs from GraphViz models. Or better: you could take look at Mondrian.