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RFD: Timeout of sessions

It is annoying if you work in Gjallar, have to think about it for a while and when you commit the changes, you are thrown into the login screen. Changes are lost.

I attribute this to the timing out of the seaside session.

In the admin console a short timeout is ok, even so in the process console.

What do you think are proper timeouts? Herbert


You can go into http://localhost:8081/seaside/config ("admin"/"admin") and configure the timeout for Gjallar. I think it might be 600 seconds by default, it should of course be larger and we should probably put it in say the ini file.


We are experimenting with adding a periodical updater to the #loggedInNavigation, which does send a request say every five minutes. So your sessions do not time out, until you close the browser window.