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BugOrFeature Several instances of Q2Model after startServer

Q2Model initializeDatabase; bootStrapDatabase.

Squeak WorldMenu debug start/browse MessageTally

Q2Gjallar startServer

ram the mouse to the top of the screen.

Q2Model allInstances inspect gives me 5 instances.

PointerFinder finds several references.

Q2Gjallar cleanImage cleans up.

Maybe there is a natural explanation for this, then please let me know.


Yes, there is a natural explanation. :) If you do "Q2LogMorph showMe" before doing startServer - then you will be able to see how sessions are allocated. Each Q2Session (our subclass of WASession for Seaside users) and Q2SessionWithoutSeaside (our session class used for background services) has a MagmaSession. And each MagmaSession maintains its own separate partial copy of Q2Model (and all its objects). So if you have 100 users logged in you might see 105 Q2Model instances - depending on how many services are active that also maintains a persistent session (not all services do that, some of them allocate and release a session on each run).