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Bug: Adding an outgoing link in process support did not work at the beginning, but the second time.

I had it two times that "add outgoing link" did not show up as incoming link in the case targeted with "has child" It always worked in the second attempt.

Tried it a third time, it didn't show up but after logout and new login it did. So maybe it's just a delay.



Hmmm. The linking UI is admittedly "awkward", we will add better ways to do that - probably outside of the edit notebook (down where Move etc are located - what we call the "middle area").

Wait, come to think of it - I think this is due to "buffering" in the Q2ViewCase component. It was never a real issue before - because you only typically viewed one case at a time. But now with the "recent 5" list then I have noticed that the view is not updated. I am 80% sure this is it. :)