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Bug reports

NOTE: This page is obsolete - ALL ENTRIES HAVE BEEN MOVED - use instead!!! (you need an account though)

If you don't have an account you can always post to the mailinglist - we follow it closely. Also see Good ideas for a listing of ideas less formally dealt with.


Old bugs

Don't miss Ideas at the bottom!
Use page names with "Bug:" like below. The list grows downwards which will assign each bug a number (since this is an ordered list).
  1. Bug: a demo bug (CLOSED)
  2. Bug: Login fails after new cases created (POSTPONED)
    1. Ok, this is a Magma migration problem. Gjallar does not really support migration of old databases yet - but it soon will I think by relying on the same mechanism as offline operation will/does - txn replaying.
  3. Bug: Process Development shows "A Magma collection" instead of a list for severity (CLOSED)
    1. Fixed.
  4. Bug: Process development has two responsible fields and no reporter (CLOSED)
    1. Fixed.
  5. Bug: Adding an outgoing link in process support did not work at the beginning, but the second time. (RESOLVED)
    1. Added a comment, I think I know what it is, will fix.
    2. Verified that this is because of stale views (the recent 5 feature).
  6. BugOrFeature Several instances of Q2Model after startServer (CLOSED)
    1. See explanation on the bug page itself.
  7. Bug: MagmaCollection asArray: typo (CLOSED)
    1. Yep, I agree - otherwise it makes no sense. :) I will report it to Chris (this is in Magma).
    2. Fixed in Magma now.
  8. Bug: MessageNotUnderstood: MagmaCollection status. In view cases# (CLOSED)
    1. Sorry about this one, it slipped in due to 188 being stressed for a demo. It would work if you also add MagmaLargeCollection>>asOrderedCollection (similar to asArray). I think 189 fixes this - it is the beginning of a rewrite of all this.
    2. Code has been worked over, bug fixed.
  9. Editing a case with links removed them when saving (CLOSED)
    1. Fixed.

The following have been transferred to Gjallar and should be handled there:

  1. Bug: Validation messages per field are very confusing (NEW)
  2. Mandatory forms of start stage are not yet added automatically.(NEW)
  3. Mandatory forms of a transition are not yet added automatically.(NEW)
  4. When restarting a killed Gjallar some things need to be updated: (NEW)
    1. "customObjectTypes do: [:co | co objectsChanged]". But this can be costly if the COs are very large.
    2. "Server started" time needs to be adjusted.
    3. Q2LogFile needs to be reopened or something.
  5. When logging in first time (now and then) "Internal error: MaUserError: Filestream required" (NEW)
  6. One page too many in batched list sometimes. (NEW)
  7. The numbered page links in the batched list do not appear until one have stepped through all pages. (NEW)
  8. Get My View to work (CLOSED)
  9. Sometimes logging in seems to work but you end up being the Anybody user (which is the user you are when you are not logged in).(NEW)
  10. In Q2FormComponent >> render:label:control:tooltip:help: we shouldn't render a div (#formfield) around the table rows. (NEW)
  11. Q2WorkflowStage >> allowedExtraFormsFor: never uses its parameter. (NEW)
  12. Q2WorkflowStage >> newTransition:to: should return the newly created transition, to conform with #transition:to: (NEW)
  13. Q2Process >> createBatFileForSearch creates a batch file which uses grep, but grep.exe is not in the gjallar release. You can get it from:
    1. Oops, sorry about that. I had to change from using "find" (in win32) since find didn't want to output more than 1024 bytes(!). I missed adding grep to the release skeleton dir.
    2. We could avoid using grep by adding a -H 0 parameter to the swish-e call.
      1. Ok, neat! :)
  14. Static content loading takes a lots of time in Firefox (OPEN)
  15. Bug: Recursive creation of suspended processes (OPEN)
  16. Cases viewed recently that are modified, for example if another case links to one of them, are not visually updated because the Q2FormEditor is not reloaded. Its buffer still shows the old state. (OPEN)


  1. There is a red icon shown on fields/forms when there is an unmet criteria. Should we also propagate this to the recent 5 cases list and also have it in a case table column? Would be nice. (NEW)
  2. When a case enters a "dead end" stage (no outgoing transitions), should we show that somehow? (NEW)
  3. Might be nice to be able to see the criteria validation text on fields even when they are met (now they are only shown when unmet). (NEW)
  4. Add a boolean Process setting wether a case should be readonly when it has status closed. (NEW)
  5. Large reports hog the Processes too much, should lower priority. (NEW)
    1. I have a Gjallar with 4000 cases in it and doing a report on all extracting name, subject, description took 23 min and hogged the box quite a bit.
  6. EnsureResponsibleService iterates over all cases and hogs the CPU. Can it be done smarter? Takes about 8 minutes with 4000 cases. (NEW)
    1. Mmmm, perhaps this is not so bad, it only iterates over the cases sitting in Inboxes. 4000 cases in inboxes is pretty much. :)
  7. Selection fields with autocomplete - how to deal with incomplete entry? Visually show when there is a hit? (A green small hash mark or something)
  8. If fields in different forms refer to the same selector, or if you add the same field to different forms then you expect to see a change in one form propagate to the other forms when switching forms. But since each form has its own buffer nothing is propagated. (NEW)
  9. Small improvement over logging's performance. (OPEN)
  10. A solution for the session timeout problem. (OPEN)
  11. Changelog generator. (OPEN)
  12. Allow the port to be set in gjallar.ini file (NEW)


  1. RFD: Timeout of sessions (OPEN)
  2. FeatureRequest: Quick login after timeout (NEW)
  3. Morphic Consoles (OPEN)
  4. Localization (OPEN)
  5. Building the database (OPEN)
  6. Porting Gjallar to Linux (CLOSED)
  7. Gjallar instance for Gjallar development (NEW)