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This is the most important role in Gjallar. If you are responsible for a case it means that you have the responsibility to make sure it moves forward and is not stalled or forgotten. It does not necessarily mean you are the only one that can edit it, move it or work on it, but you are the bottom line.

There are several different ways that responsibility can be assigned and changed and there are several settings per Process that decides how it works.

When a case is created by email the roles Alerted and Interested are automatically populated using To:- and CC: fields from the email, but the Responsible role is not automatically set. If the case is created online then the default creation Form can contain a field for Responsible so that the user can pick a user as responsible directly, but normally that is not the case. This means that newly created cases normally do not have the Responsible role set.

But creating a case implies moving it into the Inbox stage and when moving a case into a stage Gjallar will automatically try to assign Responsible according to the following logic:
This means that unless allowNobodyResponsible is true, Gjallar will make sure someone is responsible from creation of the case - even if it has to fall back to the Process administrator (and a Process always has at least one administrator).

Process settings

The following settings relate to responsible. They are set typically using "self settingAt: #allowNobodyResponsible put: true" (or false) in the Process console.

The default values describe a Process where cases are automatically assigned to the least loaded administrator (or gatekeeper of the Inbox - is such exists) when one day has passed. During that first day anyone can take the responsibility of the case and can also later give it to someone else. Responsibility can not be set back to "Nobody" once assigned though.