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Teams currently working (or suggested to be formed) in the community. The responsible Coordinator maintains contact and status. See below for the currently proposed simple model on how Teams are run. Any Team listed with a question mark on team leader has not formally started yet and is thus only proposed.

Please see for the current Teams list. I will keep that page updated now (October 20, 2005) but don't plan to continue to update the lists here any longer.

Teams (scope limited)

NameDescriptionCoordinator initialTeam leader
WebSiteGetting a new design and first content in place for GK Jason Rogers (was Stephane Ducasse)
MorphicSplittersAs explained in report 1.DW (better if not same as team leader)Cees de Groot
ToolBuilder(a.k.a. the "UI" team) As explained in report 1.CdGBrian Brown
PackagesPartitioning, PI, packages, TFNR, SM, Universes etc. Evolving the tools and assigning parts of the 3.9 image, and much more.DWAvi Bryant
ModulesSpoon, Islands, Environments, Namespaces, ClassBoxes etc.GKDan Ingalls
JanitorsA Team to have a very narrow focus initially on making minimal changes to the existing system and using the existing tools to get the process moving a bit more freely. Includes bug/fix/enh tracking, some harvesting-related issues.DWKen Causey
v3.9A Team focused on delivering the 3.9 release.CdGDoug Way

Teams (unlimited)

NameDescriptionCoordinator initialTeam leader
FileArea Maintaining file area on O'Neel
Box AdministratorsMaintaining box1 and box2.CdGKen Causey
News Handling the production of the Squeak Weekly and other related tasks KLC Giovanni Corriga
ElectionResponsible for replacing SqueakFoundation Board membersKLCBrent Vukmer
Files StewardsResponsible for the Files category of classes in the Basic Squeak ImageKLCCees de Groot
Network StewardsMaintaining the Network- and NetworkTests- categories of classess in the Basic Squeak ImageTo be announcedGöran Krampe

Team mailing lists

Most (preferably all) teams should have their own mailing list. A handy reference to all Team mailing list archives has been set up at You can subscribe to any list by going to the list's archive and clicking on eSubscribe.

Team model

Now, one of these "processes" we keep yapping about is how to partition our efforts in this community. If we think back on the history of squeak-dev we have been lousy at working in teams. SqC didn't really do anything in that direction and the Guides - we didn't either - we sucked just as much as SqC. :) But we think this is a key issue.

When there is a need perceived in this community, call it a project or task or whatever, we will try hard to detect it. If you think there is a need to be adressed - say so. What we will try to do then is to find an individual Squeaker to grab that issue by the... mouse ears, and form a Team around it. I just use capital T to denote that we do have some (few) rules about such a Team:

  1. A Team is started when a Team leader is assigned. This is today done by us, but later on the model will of course be based on whatever comes out of the SqF work. We also assign one of us to track that Team and to keep in touch with the Team leader. From then on the Team leader takes over.
  2. The Team should work openly. Setting up mailinglists and/or Swikis is of course fine, but they should be readable by us all. We don't want to endorse "secret" work.
  3. Anyone can join a team, but the team leader is King. I mean, if some wacko joins and starts shouting "Java! Java!" then the leader has our support in kicking out the wacko. :)
  4. After the Team is started we would like to get some plan from the team leader. It doesn't have to be complicated at all, just some statement on the intentions on how to proceed.

So obviously the Team leader has more or less total power, which also means responsibility. The Team may fail to deliver of course, no big deal, but managing the Team should be cared for by the team leader regardless of such a failure.

Now... what are the effects we hope to get out of this model?

Of course, we are not saying forming a Team is the only way to work in the squeak-dev community, but it would have a few advantages compared to "just doing it":