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Scott's answer

Hi, Goran, and all,

All future etoy work is going to be done in, and based on, Tweak. 
Therefore, I think that beyond the near term, the etoy-community's 
concerns vis-a-vis the Coordinators, and Squeak3.9a, and the various 
committees, and the other matters raised in the survey, are basically 
the same as Tweak's concerns.  Which of course you will need to hear 
from Andreas.

As for present and near-future etoy-community considerations:  the 
Squeakland05 release is based on's Squeak3.8.  And, 
arguably, any future releases of the "etoys-1" blood-line of 
Squeakland systems, which are now in maintenance mode pending the 
advent of eToys-in-Tweak, will continue to evolve directly from the 
current 3.8-based Squeakland release, and hence will have no 
intersection with Squeak 3.9, nor with anything else covered in the 
survey.  [However, Michael may disagree, and should be asked ;-)]

Good luck!


   -- Scott