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Report 2

Subject: [REPORT] Report 2, just a quick one

Hi fellow Squeakers!

This is a quick status report.

Squeak 3.8 was targeted for release today (cough), but as so often can
be the case we are slightly delayed. :) Michael is still definitely
aiming for this week and from our little group it is mainly me and Doug
that are helping Michael (and everyone else chipping in) trying to get
the last important bugs ironed out.

Teams have been forming over various tasks, the current table is here
(including the model):

Leaders for the Packages and ToolBuilder (Avi and Brian?) Teams will
most probably be resolved this week. There are also other Teams in the
making, for example both the questions of Usability and Multimedia have
been hot topics here on squeak-dev, perhaps that will result in teams
too - make sure you make your interest known if you want to participate
in any of those efforts.

We are also forming a release Team for 3.9. The idea is to have a
release Team for each release that focuses on getting the goals nailed
down, doing final update stream management and of course getting the
darn thing released :), but let us leave it to the leader to announce
and explain it. :)

All contact persons have been confirmed (great!) and the current list of
stakeholder communities and contacts are at:

If you have any more stakeholder communities to propose, just post.

We haven't heard that much feedback regarding the "Things Burning" list:

...and of course, if you think something is missing there - post. I
think personally the list is pretty "complete" and reading it from time
to time and relating that to our efforts is probably a good way of
keeping our "eyes on the ball".

On the more mundane front the new server is shaping up. Bruce has copied
over the full archive and is a busy bee keeping it nicely up to date.
The ftp access is currently a bit broken, but we are going to fix that.

For the running Teams I don't intend to report anything, they will
surely report themselves when they think something is worth reporting.

And if I am forgetting anything here in this little report I am sure
people will tell us. :)

regards, Göran

PS. Anyone wondering over those three funny little chars at the
beginning of a ChangeSet fileout in 3.9? He he, it is a BOM (Byte Order
Marker, read about UTF8). Of course, this may be "old news" to many,
especially Yoshiki :), but I recently discovered the "view as encoded
text" in the filelist, which was a nice little thing to find.