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Coordinators Swiki

This is the Coordinators "work area". (Formerly known as the Castaways.) It is readonly for all except the members of the group (Doug Way (DW), Marcus Denker (MD), Göran Krampe (GK), Cees de Groot (CdG)), Ken Causey (KLC), and our special advisor (Dan Ingalls (DI)).

The location is temporary.



This is our todo list showing who is doing what of us 4 and what we are planning to do. First initial listed is responsible, if no initials are listed then it is not started yet.
vm-dev archive from SFTry to get the old vm-dev archive online someway.GK
Team Swikis Set up Swiki on box1 to be able to give Teams their own Swiki areas. I am working on itGK
Step down 2006-02-15, that is the date we stop no matter what.


Moved down from above when finished.
Solicit opinionsSolicit opinions from contact persons about "If you were running the show, what do you consider to be important charter, strategy, and milestone issues for the Squeak community over, say, the next three years?"Survey sent and answers receivedGK with help of DI
Proposal to SqFWrite the proposal for SqF to vote on to acknowledge us. Then post it as soon as SqF gets their voting mechanism ready.This has been cancelled due to other events.DW
Stefs Roadmap for 3.9Start discussion on squeak-dev, go through it, finalize.(this has been done by me, Doug and others)GK
3.8 maintenance stream Add auto-update feature before release.GK, DW
3.8 release Help Michael and Bert, see 3.8. Deadline is 1st march.GK, DW, MD
Spoon discussionInitiate a discussion on squeak-dev around Spoon and figure out when/what/how etc. This was skipped now that Modules Team is forming.GK
Fill the burning issues list Fill it up with as much as possible. Afer report 1 responses should be gathered up and included.GK
Contact projects Contact and get a contact person for all Squeak related projects. GK
Set up ftp publicfile for files on box1 Bruce wants it.CdG
Help get SqF voting mechanism in place We are not doing this, but we are helping Stef and other SqF members that aren't one of us to do this ASAP.DW
First report Write the first progress report to squeak-dev.GK